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The price is based on the complexity of the project


Some people already know exactly what they want. But sometimes there are too many variables and it is not possible.  If you need to clarify some things, If you are not ready to commit to any specific product  or would like to see it before choosing one, this option is for you. It will allow you to visualize what the final product will look like and will give you the opportunity to:

  • See Design variations
  • Side by side comparisons
  • Find the optimal layout
  • Try Different font styles
  • Instant Color changes and adjust to your taste.
  • Idea clarification


When you receive the final drawings you will know what works and what doesn’t . It will give you the certainty you need to move your project forward with confidence and the best part is that ALL THE MONEY GOES TOWARDS THE PURCHASE OF THE FINAL PRODUCT!!   

Let one of our expert designers help you.

We offer 2 options.

DESIGN SESSION: You work with a designer one on one and make unlimited changes. Session are Scheduled in 1 hr slots. You can do multiple sessions.  This options works better if you don’t have  clear Idea of what you want and will need to see lots of different options. Side by side examples etc.  This option is faster because you can see the changes instantly.  You will be connected to the Designers computer screen from the comfort of your office or house. (Requires an fast internet connection and a computer, tablets are not recommended)

ONLINE PROOF: This is for corporate clients where the person placing the order is not the final decision maker. You provide us a  list or a sketch  of what you want wand we make a design. You receive an email where you can approve or make changes, but you won’t talk to the designer in person. This method is best for simple designs where minor changes are expected. This option is slower because you have to wait days to see the changes reflected on the proof.


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