Please view the above presentation for details on payment terms, turnaround times, proofs, etc. For your convenience it was created in an short, fun, easy to follow format rather than the old long boring list with fine print. Enjoy.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday      8am to 5pm

Weekends               Closed


Vehicle Graphics

For Better Service Make Sure To:

Bring vehicles at on scheduled date.
Allow 3 Business Days for Installation
Come with someone to get a ride back.
Bring the vehicle washed and free from dirt, oils or wax. ($25.00 extra fee for washing cars)
Make sure to leave your cell phone number for us to contact you at anytime.
Remove property from your vehicle that you might need.


Vehicle Wraps (General)

  • Read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document prior to signing your order.
  • Full Vehicle Wraps/Partial Vehicle Wraps applied to cars do not cause any damage to your vehicle or paint when properly maintained.  However, parts that are not covered by vinyl are exposed to the sun and other elements, which might cause an uneven color gloss appearance after removal. It is recommended to replace your full/partial wrap within the life period of the material or until the material begins to show signs of wear and tear.
  • Poor surface paint or clear coats will not allow the vinyl adhesive to stick properly and the adhesive may fail. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to bring a vehicle that is ready to be wrapped.
  • Signum Lux Corp will not be held responsible for any damage caused by removal of pre-installed vinyl installed by others.
  • All Wraps remain the property of Signum Lux Corp. until paid in full.
  • Offsite installations require additional fees.

Commercial Wraps

  • Commercial Wraps are intended for advertising.  Signum Lux Corp. does not guarantee that the vehicle’s defects such as scratches and bad paint will be covered by the graphics.
  • Commercial Wraps are achieved by the application of tiled parts, and Signum Lux Corp. does not guarantee a smooth even surface.
  • Proofs are created on 2D (screen/paper) and may slight differ from the final 3D curved vehicle. Vehicle curves, handles, grooves, moldings/trim may require adjustments during installation to maximize readability or alignment.
  • It is recommended to replace your full/partial wrap within the life period of the material or until the material begins to show signs of wear and tear (2 yrs – 5 yrs if properly maintained with minimized sun exposure). Horizontal areas like hoods and roofs are the first ones to show signs of wear and tear due to higher sun exposure and we recommend minimizing sun exposure to maximize the life of your wrap.
  • Due to the nature of the installation process, minor imperfections may show due to existing surface of the car, especially for offsite installations.
  • Text/graphics is not recommended in compound curved areas (2 different direction curves) to avoid distortion.

Color Change Wrap

  • Color Change Wraps are not intended as a substitute for paint. If you choose to wrap your vehicle, understand that the wrap will have to be removed within the life expectancy of the vinyl/material used on your wrap (1-3 years if properly maintained with minimized sun exposure).
  • Door jambs are not fully wrapped. The original paint color may show in some small areas. If you request fully wrapped door jambs additional charges will apply and the durability of the wrap in these areas will not be guaranteed.
  • Removal of vehicle parts is done to a minimum to prevent any miss-fitting issues.





$0 – $399               Paid in advance
$400 – $9,999        50% Down,  50% upon completion.
$10,000 – Up         10% Down,  40% on approvals, 50% upon completion

Accepted Payment Types
Pay Pal:                 Any amount
Cash:                     Any amount
Credit Cards:         Under $2000  No merchant fee.   Over $2000  4% merchant fee
Checks:                 Over   $2000    Amounts below  $2000 must be paid with cash or credit card only


NOTE: A valid Credit card required to create an account. 
If paying by check. Make sure that balance check is ready onsite the day of the installation

If paying by credit card:
balances are automatically deducted on day of installation first thing in the morning. If the card does not go thru, installation will be suspended.  If you wish to use a different card for the balance. Please say so at the moment of purchase.
If paying by check:
Balance payment should be given to the installer upon arrival. Most installations run late so the customer can leave and installer can finish. Payments made after the  installation date are considered late and will be subject to late fees.


1-5  Day Late:  $25/day
Interest accrued at 1.5% per month thereafter




No cancellations will be accepted for projects that have advanced 50% into production  ( materials have been purchased, design layout and pref light have been completed.)

For cancellations made with sufficient notice time ( see below) and have not reached 50% completion, they do qualify for a partial refund prorated as follows:

  • For Long Projects ( >3 Weeks Turnaround)2 week notice required, 10% of invoice total  is not refundable.
  • For Small Projects  (< 3 Weeks Turnaround): 1 week notice required, 10% of invoice total  is not refundable.
  • For 1 to 3 day Projects:  1 day notice required, 10% of invoice total with $125 minimum (which ever is more)  is not refundable.